Sports Bra with Full Front Zipper

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Ultra-Soft Fabric with Supreme Comfort-220gsm 67%Nylon+33%Spandex, soft and breathable, just like the second layer of skin, with much better elasticity.
Greatly Flexible Stretch-enjoy complete freedom of movement without any restriction, perfect for yoga, workouts, or daily activities.
Smooth and Even Stitches-without causing any wrinkling or puckering of the fabric with long-term wear and washing.
Lift-Upgrade Chest-beautiful to look at, the cup is well-fitted and shockproof, while also being softer and washable without any layering or change in form.

Outer Layer Fabric: 220gsm 67%Nylon+33%Spandex

Lining Fabric: 160gsm 33%CoolMax Polyester+58%Normal Polyester+9%Spandex


Outer Layer Fabric: 220gsm 67%Nylon+33%Spandex
Lining Fabric: 150gsm 33%CoolMax Polyester+58%Normal Polyester+9%Spandex

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Machine and Hand Washable


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